sales dashboard reports for leaders & management


Every sales leader has to monitor performance to identify sales challenges, problems, opportunities.

Data is the key to isolate problem areas. But it’s the right data-view which describes what has happened.

Instead of relying on the default measurements provided by your CRM software or adjusting to the view configured by your IT expert, you must align it with your business
priorities and focus areas.

The following are examples of dashboards which can help you get visibility into all aspects of your business. We have organized these dashboards based on the key focus
area of sales leaders.

1. Key Focus: Better alignment with marketing

sales management dashboard for sales marketing alignment


The Lead Funnel Dashboard gives a view of how well sales and marketing are working together.

Although both sales and marketing teams work for the same goals of closing more business, they’re not always in a we’re-all-in-it-together manner. By creating a single
dashboard for sales and marketing, both departments can make data-driven decisions.

As a sales leader, this dashboard can help you identify where sales and marketing can best spend their time and resources. Is marketing generating leads, but those leads
aren’t converting? Is your content the issue, or are your sales reps not holding up their service level agreement (SLA) for lead response times?

This dashboard also helps in identification of trends and course corrections (agility), accountability as well as ensuring pipe coverage.

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2. Key Focus: Quota Attainment

sales management dashboard for forecast accuracy


The Forecast Accuracy Dashboard can be used to find answers to questions like are we on track for the quarter, or does marketing need to generate more leads? At what
stage are we losing prospects? Which reps aren’t closing?

It can also be used for coaching, rewarding, and uncovering flaws in your sales process at any company.

3. Key Focus: Sales Motivation

gamifying sales management dashboard


The Sales Leaderboard Dashboard can help in gamifying sales performance.

It focus on showing how your team is doing against quotas and offers reports like Closed-Won Opportunities by Revenue, Won Opportunities, Number of Demos, New Business
vs. Up-sell. That helps management in keeping reps accountable for their sales activities by motivating them through recognition.

4. Key Focus: Understanding threats

sales management dashboard to understand threats


The Competition and Win/Loss Dashboard shed light on the areas you may need to focus on for intervention.

It can help in understanding why your sales rep lost a deal, or how they’re positioning against competitors. With visbility at that level , sales also funnel feedback to
the product and marketing teams. That will help in equipping them with right kind of resources, or improve or alter products.

5. Key Focus: Monitor sales rep behavior and CRM adoption

sales management dashboard for crm adoption


The KPIs and Sales Activities Dashboard can help in driving dscipline in your sales force, thus improving management of sales pipeline.

This dashboard can help you in finding out which sales reps are actively working leads, who hasn’t logged into their CRM lately, and various other accountability metrics.


Your dashboard helps manage your sales

With these dashboards in hand, you’re ready to focus on getting leads and closing deals. The key to building a successful sales dashboard, however, requires vision and clearly identified goals. Do think about these crucila inputs like the purpose of the dashboard, who needs to see the report, how often it will be seen, etc.

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