salesforce case study for solar company- cymetrix

Cymetrix Software, one of the best Salesforce consulting companies for growth- focused businesses, developed a custom SFDC application for a solar energy company in India.

Salesforce Customer Success Story


Thanks to the government policies, interest in solar power in India is increasing. But challenges ranging from high initial investment to lack of awareness mean that potential users of solar energy take a longer time to make a decision to go solar.

As a result, solar energy companies mostly experience long sales cycle of varying length.

In spite of steady increase in lead generation within two years of starting out, our solar energy client was experiencing a low conversion rate. They were looking to have an automated tool which could help them manage their leads and entire service lifecycle along with their data in one platform.

What was the Problem?

  • The internal team was using multiple platforms for storing project and customer data and coordinating with each other primarily through emails. From sales call updates, survey coordination, report uploads to design reviews – tracking at every stage required lot of time and coordination by the team members.
  • Since the sales cycles are long, leads couldn’t be managed systematically, leaving gaps in follow ups and reducing chances of closing the deal.
  • From deal acquisitions to closure, there were many stages like surveys, reports, design, etc. The client couldn’t get visibility at the higher level i.e. which deal is at what stage of the process. As a result, they couldn’t project cash flows or do sales forecasting.

What we did?

Cymetrix proposed a solution that not only enabled a single consolidated view of their leads and contacts, but also leveraged their existing storage platform – Google Drive.

We developed a custom SFDC Application providing integration of Google Apps to have a single consolidated view of their leads and contacts with their respective conversations.

It also involves:

  • directly fetching the lead information using their mail IDs in the Gmail itself,
  • creating events and tasks related to leads & opportunities,
  • automating the probabilities of the revenue they are expecting,
  • implementation of Security Model,
  • managing the related Google Docs with their respective gained businesses,
  • logging the call summaries and analytics of the success they have achieved through their business.

Benefit to the client:

  • The solution proved to be a capacity multiplier for the team. They are now able to handle more work with better coordination.
  • The client gets better visibility for each opportunity. From lead to qualified lead to opportunity, it’s now easier to funnel and find out at what stage the leads are.
  • For opportunity at every stage, they can add probability and project cashflows at any given stage helping in monthly, quarterly, etc forecasting.
  • They’re able to make a better use of the data to make informed business decisions, like investing in new resources, etc.
  • The solution provided increased processing efficiency and improved customer engagement.

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Getting started with Customer Relationship Management

CRM is not just a technical solution, but a combination of methodologies, practices, strategies and technologies which collectively help business in developing stronger customer relationships. If your company wants to invest in your customers, a CRM consultant can bring clarity, strategic planning and an understanding of customer- based processes at the highest level.

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