Salesforce consulting team at Cymetrix recently implemented Salesforce for a growing SME in the solar energy sector. We helped them move from a free version of Zoho to Salesforce Essentials. Our case study presents the context of the problem and the solution we provided. But how that Zoho to Salesforce migration journey started is not difficult to guess. Like most SMBs searching for a reliable CRM to manage their prospects and customers, our solar energy client started with this question- Zoho vs Salesforce, comparatively Which is a better CRM for my growing small business? Benefits of CRM software go way beyond just efficient contact management. The purpose of CRM is to help businesses achieve operational excellence and hence it is important to invest in the one which is designed to support the desired growth and scalability.

Zoho Vs. Salesforce: Why Salesforce Essentials Wins for Small Businesses Aiming for Aggressive Growth Inc launched new sales and customer service software ‘Essentials’, tailored specifically for small businesses in March 2018.

1. Salesforce Essentials has been designed specifically to cater to small business segment

This product is Salesforce’s answer to complaints by small businesses that the software was too complex and too expensive. And it also levels the playing field for Salesforce to compete with vendors like Zoho, who have till now pitched their product as “less complex” for small businesses by comparing it with the much more evolved versions of Salesforce CRM.

2. Salesforce has an ecosystem that extends beyond CRM services

A growing small business usually starts its CRM journey by using the system as a sales tool. While scaling, they add several software in their business environment to support functions of HR, employee support, training, marketing, etc. Incompatible systems and incomplete customer view are the direct fallouts of this type of arrangement. Salesforce has an ecosystem that extends beyond CRM services. Service teams use Salesforce for faster and reliable case resolutions with a complete customer view.  HR teams use it for engagement that empowers them to connect with employees in a whole new way. The marketing team uses Marketing Cloud to manage consumer interaction, personalizing and measuring every single touch point with the customer. Ops team can manage assets and facilities.

3. Salesforce CRM is future ready to support the rapidly growing business needs of smaller businesses.

Businesses that are thinking bigger or longer term with respect to future growth might want to opt for Salesforce right out of the gate. That’s because Salesforce really shines at being scalable. A growing business is likely to outgrow an entry-level customer relation management system at some point. Sophisticated solutions like Salesforce can service your small business from the start-up stage through to the enterprise level. You can continue to add-on to the platform through configuration, customizations, or easily add on any of the thousands of Salesforce approved Applications from their Salesforce AppExchange. Plus, you can save your team from the hassle of going though new CRM implementation and migration process- not to mention the challenges of training and adoption. zoho vs salesforce

4. Salesforce Essentials Offers Deep Integration with G-Suite

As a part of strategic partnership of Salesforce with Google, Salesforce users now get deep integration with G-suite. When Salesforce announced this integration at Dreamforce 2017 convention, the CEO Marc Benioff made this statement: “There has never been an easier way for companies to run their entire business in the cloud–from productivity apps, email and analytics, to sales, service and marketing apps, this partnership will help make our customers smarter and more productive.” We have witnessed the chaos a business can go through because of collaboration issues. Our solar energy client, who we helped move to Salesforce platform from the free version of Zoho, was operating with mismanaged coordination within the internal team. The direct impact was on their lead conversion rate. After moving to Salesforce Essentials, the integration with the Gmail, Google Sheets and Hangout Meets has translated into improved collaboration, greater sales effectiveness, better customer service and additional insights into CRM data.

5. Salesforce helps you focus on scaling the business

What would a growth-oriented business owner like to focus on - Growing the business or enhancing business technology environment? It’s a no-brainer. Businesses need to focus on growth and scalability and do what they are best at. Salesforce, on the other hand, operates in a culture of constant innovation to help customer succeed. That makes Salesforce the best technology partner for businesses aiming to scale! Be it Mulesoft acquisition or recent announcement of Einstein Voice Assistant and Einstein Voice Bots, Salesforce keeps customers happy with its products through constant brainstorming for tools that can make a customer's life easier.

6. Salesforce vs. Zoho CRM comparison is equivalent to the choice of making more money vs. saving more money

Another way to interpret Zoho vs Salesforce is the objective of investing in CRM i.e whether you want to save more money or make more money. Zoho is definitely out to save your money. So if your objective is to save money, then Zoho may be a better fit for your small business. But, if your objective is to make more money, then Saleforce CRM is the way to go. The main reason why Salesforce has earned the reputation of being the #1 CRM globally is because the platform is designed to make their customers money. Salesforce has the best reputation in the market and while Essentials may cost just a little more than a tool like Zoho, it is the best one when it comes to innovation. Fast growing companies need to consider that they will anyway lose the cost advantage with Zoho as they start needing more CRM features. Zoho provides core system functionalities into differing levels of subscriptions and create a compelling upgrade path.

Getting started with Salesforce CRM

CRM is not just a technical solution, but a combination of methodologies, practices, strategies and technologies which collectively help business in developing stronger customer relationships. If your company is planning to or has already invested in CRM, Cymetrix Software can help bring clarity, strategic planning and an understanding of customer- based processes at the highest level. The company is a Salesforce Partner and offers SFDC consulting services from USA and India. For more information, read this post or talk to our Salesforce Consultants Read this post -Read More