Salesforce Integrations – Upcoming Products

Most enterprise-level claims and submissions have a requirement to integrate with other applications used at the same institute or corporations. These integrations typically help at different gradations, like Presentation and Security, data, and business logic, based on the requirement per se. This type of settings organization attains superior levels of functioning consistency, competence, and quality.   The prime focus for integration of various products must be on the web service

New features of Looker to Enhance DevOps Process

Looker is an online platform that offers extensive data exploration functionalities for both small and large businesses. With the help of Looker, any enterprise can access a wide spectrum of a web-based interface for real-time data and insights through data analytics. Looker assists over 1700+ companies to find data via choosing the database, workflow, and cloud respectively. Principal benefits of using Looker   Visualization tools of Looker                            With handy visualizations,

Collaborations for Efficient Utilization of Data

Introduction   Data utilization is the process of using data to support industries working in the corporate world. Data utilization drives data management. Data gives a competitive advantage to any company over its rivals and competitors. According to studies, marketers have close to 71% success and reported that they can gauge better audience understanding and segregation through the collection of data. With efficient utilization of data, the percentage of relevance

Acquisition of Bravo Advantage by Jaggaer and Implications

A corporate merger or acquisition can have an intense effect on a company’s growth prospects and long-term outlook. And the same happened when Jaggaer acquired Bravo Solution. About Jaggaer and BravoSolution Jaggaer founded in 1995 as SciQuest, was publicly listed until acquired by the private equity firm Accel-KKR in July 2016, is today the world’s largest independent spend management company, with almost 2000 customers from 70 countries linked to a