salesforce and gamification integration


The gamification industry has changed the fundamental truth that most of us accepted as a part of adult life. You don’t have to be bored at work. It replaces tedious customer retention exercises, exhausting employee reviews and statistics with level-up badges and intrinsic rewards that bring a sense of fulfillment and motivation to all aspects of work- from self-improvement to contribution in teams. Gamification is the application of gaming principles in non-game contexts to provide an experience that connects with anyone.

Salesforce, on the other hand, is the world’s leading CRM software due to the flawless flexibility it offers its users. Its benefits are not restricted to any one industry, but it can facilitate and enhance the services of an enterprise in any field.

Cymetrix provides Salesforce integration services for businesses to achieve an uninterrupted flow of information. A recent project that we worked on let us integrate these two major forces of the modern business process: CRM and gamification. The results were as dynamic as expected.

Salesforce Integration Project details

Our client provides a gamification software that aims to make workplace a lot more fun. They developed a gaming app to be used for performance management for call center employees to track SLAs etc. This solution had to be provided in Salesforce Service Cloud for a Salesforce user.

Cymetrix team developed a Salesforce app that not only helped the service cloud user to access the gamification app seamlessly but also helped our client move their tool on the cloud. Our solution was engineered to be flexible to interface with other service center tools as well.

About Cymetrix Software:

Cymetrix is a Salesforce Consulting company. The company provides full-cycle consulting services to help businesses strategize and implement perfect Salesforce solutions. From strategic road-map and package evaluation to set-up, configuration and customization, Cymetrix takes a holistic approach and is equipped with certified & experienced resources to deliver best-fit Salesforce solutions.

Cymetrix is headquartered in India and has offices in Mumbai and Long Beach California, USA.