mylightning dreamforce 2017 takeaways

Dreamforce 2017 saw new product announcements, just like preceding years, but with one difference.

Instead of rolling out discrete new capabilities, the company’s focus was towards personalising the Salesforce experience. The “my” prefix added to their new features, such as myLightning and myEinstien, was a validation of the company’s inclination towards customization.


Lightning Roundtable @ Dreamforce 2017

MyLightning is the next phase of Salesforce’s Lightning app development framework. It’s a suite of tools to help businesses easily create a personalized and customized Salesforce interface and experience. This can be achieved through the app builder without coding.

At Dreamforce, Salesforce Consultants from Cymetrix  had a small Lightning roundtable discussion with other participants who were senior consultants. The idea was to discuss how to achieve smooth migration to Salesforce Lightning from the Classic edition.

Key Takeaways from the round-table discussion

During the round-table session, Lightning Readiness Assessment Report came up.

  • Our key take away from this discussion was that the Readiness Assessment Report is a good way to start planning Lightning migration. But we need to go beyond this report and do a detailed analysis of all important features which might be affected during migration.
  • Other than compatibility analysis, we also need to assess the efforts needed to perform the migration.
  • Differences have been observed in effort calculations in Assessment Report compared to the detailed assessment performed by the Salesforce consultants. The group agreed that in such scenarios, the clients require a clear sense of direction with an explanation as to why they are seeing this difference.


Introduction of Dreamforce 2017 Lightning Updates

Customized Branding

With the new Theming and Design System, companies can build deeper experiences in their apps and weave their brand throughout Lightning. Companies can specify the brand image, colours, page background image and more. Admin can choose built-in themes or create custom themes with just a few clicks.

For example, an organization can rally about firm-wide initiatives or create hype internally for an upcoming product launch by using custom themes.

Personalized User Experience

According to a press release, a new feature called Dynamic Pages in the Lightning App Builder will provide a custom experience for each user, depending on their data. This feature will allow administrators to set rules to show and hide components on the dashboard.

For example, some components can be set to surface up at the dashboard as a deal goes above X amount.


2017 was the debut year for Cymetrix to attend Dreamforce.

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