Tips on how to choose a CRM consultant

When you have to choose a consultant for Salesforce, references are essential but not enough. References can be used as an indicator of the reputation of the consulting firm, but ultimately it’s the people on job you need to evaluate.

For this article, focus is on why working with a consulting team is better than hiring a freelancer. Article also provides insights into selecting Salesforce consulting company.

Why choose a Salesforce company over a freelance consultant?

It’s tempting to go for a low-cost and easily available option and hire a freelancer. But there are nuances involved in hiring freelancer, which can be detrimental to your business.

  • When choosing a freelancer consultant, remember that your business is not their only client. That has a potential to become a bottleneck, irrespective of the freelancer’s experience.
  • Even in terms of value and knowledge, contribution of a team of professionals cannot be compared with a freelancer’s expertise.
  • Security in terms of back – up, risk mitigation plan, financial stability and sustainability provided by companies cannot be demonstrated by a freelancer.
  • References provided by freelancer are more of a relationship based against references provided by a company, which are of professional nature and can be trusted more for sustenance.

Is the company Salesforce-focused?

Check if you are dealing with a large consulting firm providing an array of solutions where Salesforce consulting is just a small pie or is it a Salesforce focused company? There are many me-too companies, which focus on multiple skills and do whatever comes their way.

Select a service provider serious about Salesforce as they would have their processes and practices built around Salesforce.

Such a focused Salesforce consulting company is likely to invest in cost effective, time efficient and productivity boosting tools for a range of SFDC prescribed services like implementation, development , etc. All this contributes to a smooth business transformation journey.

What is the experience of the team?

Salesforce CRM consultant is and should be a combination of parameters like cost, time, trust, etc. There are some lessons which a professional can understand mainly through experience.

  • Business empathy, for instance, is one of the most invaluable characteristic of a consultant. It is the ability to connect with the business, understand their needs and relate to their problems and challenges- all from the perspective of the organization. Empathy cannot be easily learnt but comes with experience.
  • Effectively translating business needs into technical requirements and explaining that technology driven solution to non-tech end users- that’s another important responsibility of consultants. Working for different roles over the period of time exposes to different challenges and gives a perspective. That’s possible only with relevant Salesforce experience.
  • Best practices help rolling out implementations smoothly. Identify the processes setup by the consulting firm to follow Salesforce best practices.

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What is the team’s capability?

When you have to choose a Salesforce Consultant, identify the team composition, how many consultants are SFDC certified and whether they plan to subcontract any work.  Regarding SFDC Certification, a consultant should have at least three of the following Salesforce certifications: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Administrator, Advanced Administrator, or Developer.

Have you considered the consultant’s location?

Some businesses prefer finding a local consultant, but for many of them location is not a problem as far as the consulting firm is good. In latter case, what matters is how much time zone difference is there. Some consultancies have offices in multiple locations like India and USA to cater to businesses spread over a wider geographical locations.


Identifying and selecting a Salesforce consultant that’s a right fit for the business sometimes becomes a big project. It could be as challenging as the actual Salesorce implementation itself. This is because the stakes of transforming business with complex Salesforce implementation is high. That’s where a consultant comes in. Business can leverage vast experience and know-how of the consultant, provided they choose the right one to begin with.

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Cymetrix Software provides full-cycle Salesforce consulting services to help businesses strategize and implement perfect Salesforce solutions. From strategic road-map and package evaluation to set-up, configuration and customization, Cymetrix takes a holistic approach and is equipped with certified & experienced resources to deliver best-fit Salesforce solutions.

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