dreamforce tips

Dreamforce 2018 is right around the corner! It is one of the biggest technology conferences in the world that brings professionals from sales, marketing, technology and business backgrounds together.

2017 was my debut year at Dreamforce. From my experience as a first timer, I can say that Dreamforce is not just innovative and inspirational but also chaotic, especially for those who go unprepared.

Attending this event is an investment of time and money, so as an attendee you have to make the most of it. Of course, there are endless ways to prepare for Dreamforce. I’m sharing some tips from my own experience to help you make your Dreamforce 2018 as productive as possible.

Book your hotels

Every year, San Francisco hotels are booked by Dreamforce attendees almost 3 months in advance. If you haven’t booked yours already, I suggest you get on it. Book a room that is close enough to the venue for you to save up on travel expenses.

Plan, plan and plan

The only way to learn from Dreamforce and have fun as well as plan your stay well. Last year, my team members and I browsed through all the events before reaching the venue. We marked our calendars well in time for the knowledge sessions, seminars and speakers that we wanted to attend. This included Marc Benioff’s keynote address, a speech that is known to provide a lot of insight into Salesforce’s future roadmap.

This year, I’m excited to hear what he has to say about Salesforce bringing Blockchain technology on board!

Don’t forget to get some floor time

Companies from around the world pitch their booths during Dreamforce. They use this chance to interact with attendees, talk about new solutions they provide and give demos so make sure you stop by some booths. You can have a chance to interact with the key leaders of the organisation here and who knows, even strike a business deal with them! Last year, we studied the booth map displayed at the entrance and made a list of companies we were excited to meet and learn more about. This helped manage our time immensely and we learnt so much.

P.S. Some company booths often hand out interesting goodies so keep an eye out for that!

Put on your networking shoes

Dreamforce gives us a chance to rub shoulders with executives from the biggest tech companies of the world. In other words, it is an invaluable networking opportunity! At first, it might prove really tough to make a good impression with all the important industry leaders and manage to attend the talks and seminars. So play your (visiting) cards smart and start your networking from now with these tips:

  • Join Whatsapp and Facebook groups.
  • Keep an eye on industry leaders on Twitter who are known to be Dreamforce regulars and follow the generous tidbits of helpful information regarding the conference they are bound to share.
  • Dreamforce has a wide social presence, so you can easily follow Facebook and Instagram pages that talk about all things Dreamforce.

At Dreamforce 2017, Salesforce Consultants from Cymetrix had a round-table discussion about Lightning and discussed with other senior consultant participants. The enlightening discussion involved how to achieve smooth migration to Salesforce Lightning from the Classic edition, and would not have been possible without networking.

Catch up on the great content from DF ’17

Dreamforce 2017 may have been last year, but you can still catch some of the best talks, workshops, sessions and seminars on the Salesforce website. The CRM giant constantly updates great titbits that can help you learn. Dreamforce is available year round to educate, inspire, and motivate so you can have a taste of what awaits you this year in San Francisco.

. . .

By Prakash Kolhe, CEO at Cymetrix Software