The ongoing pandemic has resulted in a dramatic rise in technology and its applications. Everywhere around us, people are bound to get more digitally oriented than ever before. Starting from online transactions to online deals, we have realized that technology has much more to offer than any normal citizen could fathom. This pandemic has somehow distanced us physically but at the same time, it has brought us closer than ever before.  However, COVID-19 has ruined our lives and continues to do so for communities globally. The complete oversight of the damage caused by this pandemic is yet to be calculated, yet it can be concluded that the economic consequences are critical worldwide. Sales process digitization is the new way of conducting sales in these tough times.


One of the most impacted areas of business is sales. For any sales leader, it is very important to take care of their employees and keep their customers happy. Not only this, but the sales leader must also contemplate how he should lead his team to meet and maintain revenues. The most challenging part is to adjust the organizations’ pre-COVID sales goals by keeping in mind the changes in customer behavior. The most easily noticeable change in customer behavior is the sudden spurt in digital trends that were in motion even before the pandemic hit. This has changed the fundamental ways in which people approached the sales business. 


The good news is that the government and healthcare providers everywhere have started or done adapting data science. With the ability to digitally track patients, monitor the spread of disease, molecular modeling of drugs, and vaccines, the digitalization trend is playing a major role. Also, since this very data is accessible to the right people, the appropriate solutions can be devised which increases both efficiencies as well as effectiveness.


The conversion of sales processes to digitalization is not as simple as one may think. The organization must first need to identify, evaluate, and use such online tools which allow the customers and employees to work remotely. The budget of the organization will be the deciding point. Of course, security and scalability are one aspect that should not b ignored. 


The online channels through which the customers get in touch with the company and its employees is the major area of focus post-COVID lockdown. This is the area where most investments, strategies, and digital expertise will be required. 


This pandemic has made many companies question their process of maintaining business continuity plans(BCP). Usually, these BCP manuals are hundreds of pages long. Ultimately, these have proven themselves ineffective at such times. Thus, a company must start building an agile BCP plan which can be as short as a half-yearly plan or an annual plan. These same plans can be further segregated to monthly plans for ease of functioning for work from home. Many companies have effectively shifted to work from home as a permanent company policy. 


The companies who previously dealt with data storage in their local means must decide to shift to the cloud as a safer, precise, and appropriate alternative for storage. 


Last but not least is data security. Data that the organization, customer, and employees share must remain protected at all costs. It is very obvious that in the coming times the possibility of data security breachings will increase dramatically. The recent incident with Zoom was a perfect example of how their product was not ready for this spike in usage and hence resulted in a security breach. 

How we can help

Ultimately the employee comfort and ease of work are what make the organization successful. So providing them with appropriate hardware and fulfilling their tech requirements can help the digital transformation of the sales process a little faster and more convenient for the organization as a whole. We at Cymetrix Software aim at achieving all these goals and come out of this crisis victorious in our own ways. 


We have achieved the successful implementation of work from home for all of our employees. We have ensured that they are equipped with all the necessities with respect to technology. Not just our employees, we have left no leaf unturned for our clients either. We have been catering to their needs and requirements just as we did pre-COVID. With the help of our creative-minded team, we are able to set new benchmarks for ourselves as well as our competing companies. 


When it comes to sales process digitalization, we help clients choose the best tool for data storage and data security. Also, we help them decide their short term goals and help them achieve their desired business results. Not only that, but we also provide consultancy from start to finish and give all our efforts to make your business boom even in these harsh times.