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While Salesforce saves most of its biggest news and customer success stories for its annual Dreamforce conference in San Francisco, the World Tour is a mini version of the main event held in various cities across the world. In the USA, this World Tour is held in the major cities of Boston, Washington DC, and New York. The international locations include Paris, Sydney, Amsterdam. Toronto and London. Enlightening and educating, the Salesforce World Tour is a perfect way to deal with the post-Dreamforce blues.

With the USA leg of the World Tour coming to an end in New York,  let us take a look at what the Trailblazers were up to in all three USA events:


The Boston edition of the World Tour gave us a lot to chew over, especially as it happened in the fresh limelight of the Salesforce-Mulesoft deal. The newly announced Integration Cloud was hotly discussed, with attendees contemplating its role in the future of the CRM industry. Salesforce also held a session on integrated surveys and how companies can use them to get instant customer analytics. These surveys  will let sales representatives reach out to customers immediately and provide quality interaction.

Washington DC

In DC, more than 50 companies providing services that ranged from products to consulting were featured at the Customer Success Expo booths. Hailing from the industries of finance, retail, government, etc, these companies provided the attendees with the rare chance to interact direct with their new products.

New York

The New York City edition was truly a day of innovation and inspiration. The largest East Coast Salesforce event of the year offered attendees a chance to collaborate and discover Salesforce solutions for problems together. Attendees were invited to attend the keynote, network with partners and domain experts to discuss new ways of connecting with the new-age customer.

The next editions of the Salesforce World Tour are to be held in Toronto, London, Paris and Hannover. Here are three reasons why you should attend these sessions:

  • The keynote: Even if you have attended the Dreamforce keynote, make sure you attend the World Tour keynote. Salesforce is constantly updating its tech and the keynotes are always a great way to hear new stories.
  • Connect with your local Salesforce community: Unlike Dreamforce, the World Tour sessions are more focussed on the local community and what they are doing with Salesforce. Meeting fellow Salesforce users from your very city can solve problems such as recruitment.
  • And well, never underestimate the value of a free event!

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