COVID-19  has actively opened up a completely new era for all things considered. Every field, every industry is bound to change its medieval practices and regain the workings while maintaining the results as they were pre-COVID. The most functioning field in these hard times is medicare. With the rising COVID cases, every hospital is on its toes too tend to patients and the responsibilities they bring along with them. Hospitals are no longer seen as a dark and hazardous place. Everybody wants a perfect service and the merrier the more. 


We often hear about how hospitals are too crowded with patients and their relatives trying hard to recover and return. The staff, the management are constantly striving hard to do their duties. But in these times, the more human resources are at play, the higher the risk of infections and thus more problems. Its high time for the healthcare industry to take a massive transformation. Consolidations, constantly changing pay models, changes in patient behavior, and the continued rise in the new technologies are reformulating healthcare as we know. 

The need for connectivity and interoperability has resulted in numerous challenges for healthcare organizations. Building a system is the first step, but sharing data flawlessly is the test. Here’s where a cloud-based platform aiming at streamlined care coordination comes in.


Salesforce Health Cloud

The main idea behind the inception of the health cloud was to help in the transformation of healthcare across the patient’s spectrum of care. Since the health cloud is based on Salesforce’s customer relationship management technology, it aims at tracking patient care including treatments, medications, and all patient history in one place. 

Healthcare and life science companies including healthcare providers, payers, pharmaceuticals, medical device companies, and so on, all have reaped the benefits of the salesforce health cloud since its inception. The most promising aspect of the health cloud includes the tools which healthcare professionals need to collaborate and understand patients on a fundamental level and create 1-to-1 relations throughout their care journeys. It is as effective for the patients as it is efficient for the caregivers.

Also, the health cloud is not only limited to caregivers. It gives the insurers a 360° view of the patients which includes patient profile, clinical data, health history, timelines, and care team networks. It also offers clinical data management including electronic health records as well as health level integration partners. 

Cymetrix software helps healthcare organizations to ease out the process of integrating your electronic health records(EHR) to the salesforce health cloud. We are well equipped with the knowledge to help you understand technical capabilities and support you in your strive for a perfect healthcare system for everyone in need.