Cymetrix CalendarInsight Application

Track performance and results of your sales team in Salesforce

Cymetrix CalendarInSight gives you a consolidated view of all meetings across sales teams in one calendar.

Get account penetration metrics from ABM campaigns
Give insights to your Sales Ops about how the team is penetrating accounts. Access the visual ‘heat map’ of penetration metrics and determine ABM engagement by persona, region, industry, etc
Extract actionable meeting insights for Field management
Your sales team wants to extract quick actionable insights from meeting data in Salesforce. But they waste time pulling together meeting data from activities which are separate from leads, opportunities and contacts. Cymetrix CalendarInSight application automatically synchs calendars of sales team to give a consolidated view to monitor meetings.
Evaluate how well the SDRs are achieving their meeting goals
Your inside sales manager will find it easy to monitor strategic account penetration trends. Start maintaining leader board of top performers and motivate SDRs to achieve meeting objectives.