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Looker Consulting

Looker Implementation

At Cymetrix, we offer Looker implementation services to ensure effective decision making through the transformation of data into powerful dashboards, embedded analytics, drill down widgets, self-service, and visual analytics.

We partner with Looker Alliance to create a better experience for organizations. Cymetrix has reliable and experienced Looker consultants and developers working on the implementation of the right features on organization platform to enable users to create, partner, and benefit from knowledge gained from Looker driven analytics.

Looker Experience

Cymetrix provides end-to-end Looker implementation services that include assessment requirement gathering, data visualization, business intelligence, online reporting, implementation, data model design (LookML), data integration and interface embedded analytics with Looker APIs. We also provide comprehensive end-user training for getting the best return on investment. We offer:

  • Business Reports.
  • Dashboards & Interactive Visualization.
  • Self-Service Analytics.
  • Embedded Analytics.

Technology Proficiency

We implement strong Looker solutions that are backed by technology know-how, many years of experience in the industry, and best practices. Our team of experienced and capable experts is the best in Looker architecture and creating roadmaps to get a good return on your BI investment.

Why Choose Us?

  • Get Looker platform implementation with a team of professional and Looker Alliance partner.
  • Quick results with proven track records of managing BI implementations.
  • Allow user preferences for business insights, which include reports, dashboards, self-service, mobile, or embedded.
  • Cost-effective plan through a global delivery model.

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