Data and Analytics Consulting

Our Data & Analytics Services Help You Reach Your Goals.Cymetrix facilitates leaders looking to gain a competitive advantage for their company and to boost their method of operational efficiencies through their data. Our big data analytics services are design-led and framework-based, that cut back time to delivery and improves the accuracy and impact of the outcomes. Unlike other consultancy services, we combine both strategic advisory and technology to align business desires with proven solutions that help us drive your targeted business outcomes.

Our Salesforce CRM consultants and offshore salesforce development team, unrivaled in their talent, have deep domain experience across the full data stack.

We partner and work together with the best in the data and analytics industry to furnish our customers with the ideal help to optimize and EVOLVE their associations.



MySQL Relational Database Management System Services provided by Cymetrix Software
MongoDB database | Cymetrix Software
Oracle Database used by Cymetrix Software
 IBM DB2 database services used by Cymterix Software

Data Warehouse

Snowflake data warehousing platform used by cymterix Software
BigQuery serverless Datawarehouse platform services offered by Cymetrix Software


ETL tool used for Data Integration and Big data | Cymetrix Software
Stitch - A Talend Company working together as a cloud ETL service  - Cymetrix Software
Fivetran is a cloud-based ETL platform - Cymetrix Software


Amazon Web Services - A cloud computing platform service  by Cymetrix Software
Google cloud computing services  offered by Cymetrix Software
Azure public cloud computing platform services by Cymetrix Software

Big Data

Cymetrix Software offers Hadoop framework for processing Bigdata
Hive big data platform offered by Cymetrix Software
Cymetrix Software offers Apache Spark Analytics Engine for Bigdata
MongoDB database | Cymetrix Software

Data Visualization (BI Tools)

Business Visualization tool  PowerBI used by Cymetrix Software

Data Analytics

Cymetrix's strategic data analytics consultants are force multipliers for our world-class clients and have deep domain expertise across the full data stack to help solve your challenges in weeks, not years.

Data Visualization

Cymetrix believes that visualization is an integral part of any data analytics. We do not limit ourselves to data visualization services, being continuously able to supply our customers full-cycle data analytics services, such as data warehouse (including ETL) and data marts development, big data consulting, data management, and more.


Cymetrix's Cloud Computing Services enables our clients to explore and evaluate the opportunities the Cloud offers and simply transition their business by maximizing the benefits. We offer a strategic assessment of your business needs and a customized implementation plan to facilitate the transition to a Cloud-based model.

Data Science

Being a Data Science Consultants, we help our clients extract valuable business insights from their data to better understand their audience, reduce risks, forecast demand, prevent cost overruns, and much more. If you are looking for a data science consultancy to create innovative, market-leading solutions, we are here to help!

We have had an excellent experience working with Cymetrix Software on Salesforce implementation. Cymetrix Software has been great partners from setting up through to customer service. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone thinking of a Salesforce implementation.... Show more
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