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FinTech Services

The technology of finance is evolving rapidly and it is getting ever simpler for new suppliers to come into the market and deliver a range of banking and financial services. This changes the conduct of customers and how they use these services. New technological progress and support for innovation from governments is enabling us to open new FinTech markets which were not serviceable before.

In order to encourage financial inclusion, Cymetrix Software - a fintech software development company in USA empowers financial companies to complete their journey of digital transformation. Virtual banking, business lending, and customer lending proposals are uniquely offered across a single converged framework based on a fully modular architecture and microservices.

It's the ideal opportunity for your lending to move at the speed of business. Here are the means of how we can make it happen.

Develop your lending services to create a more efficient, flexible, and responsive business.



In cloud technology, Salesforce is at #1, and the whole Salesforce force.com framework is progressing towards cloud innovation nowadays. For FinTech firms, client relationships are given massive priority, Salesforce, definitely, has plenty of advantages.

  • Sales rises as expanded conversion take place for leads
  • It helps to develop a customer business model at the core
  • It is useful to point the marketing process in the right direction.
  • The complete customer engagement process becomes easy
  • Rapid development of lending or banking services helps to bring new services quickly in to market

Cymetrix Software is a FinTech expert

Cymetrix Software - Best FinTech company provides custom fintech software engineering solutions and platform development services to help you grow your business. Fintech or Financial technology interprets the potential of data to be monetized. We provide salesforce offshore support and give extensive consulting services, software engineering along with the key technology solutions to gear up for fintech software development for consumer-oriented services in various industry areas.

Our Work

The customer's point was to present the opportunity of making new budgetary products with the help of outer sellers. The target audience was financial organizations. By offering group accounts to handle cash collected for shared tasks, the client had a strategy to extend the normal features of the bank account.

  • In the field of right licenses and structural solutions, Salesforce consulting.
  • Salesforce Backend and mobile frontend development for the POC usage of an SFDC based layer between the portable mobile or web application and the Bank Open API.
  • Creation of virtual bank accounts to raise money for their particular aims and intentions from groups of people.
  • Providing virtual differentiation in personal accounts between the money of the users and virtual community accounts.

We have guided our client to demonstrate a known opportunity for non-banking companies to succeed in the financial industry and develop banking solutions through the use of financial firms’ information.
We have had an excellent experience working with Cymetrix Software on Salesforce implementation. Cymetrix Software has been great partners from setting up through to customer service. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone thinking of a Salesforce implementation.... Show more
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