From Clicks to Cart: Drive Ecommerce growth with Marketing Automation

Salesforce Marketing Automation For E-Commerce

Are you looking to turn window shoppers into loyal customers? Cymetrix can help you leverage the power of Salesforce marketing automation to maximize conversions for your Ecommerce store. Our Salesforce Consulting partner will implement custom solutions so that your visitors have a seamless and personalized experience through every step of the buying journey, from browsing to checkout.


The online shopping cart abandonment rate is 70%


Consumers are likely to spend 47% more when they have a personalized experience


Said the return experience affected whether they would continue shopping with a retailer

E-Commerce Marketing Pain Points
Deliver personalized experience

As the Ecommerce industry continues to become more crowded, generic marketing tactics simply don't cut it anymore. Customers crave experiences that feel personal and relevant. They want to be seen, not just sold to. At Cymetrix, we understand this and have helped several Ecommerce brands embrace this approach with our expertise in marketing automation.
Offering multi-channel experience

Nowadays customers prefer using all sorts of channels to shop or browse products online. They could be comparing your product on social media, researching on the web, or visiting your store. But are you reaching them at each touchpoint? With Cymetrix’s marketing automation services, powered by the Salesforce marketing cloud, you can interact with customers through every channel and make every marketing moment count.
Abandoned Cart Recovery

Shoppers abandon carts for all sorts of reasons. Maybe they got distracted, comparison shopping, or simply forgot. But it can be quite tricky for an Ecommerce brand to recover these abandoned shoppers. However, our experts at Cymetrix can help you design and implement marketing automation solutions targeted toward recovering these abandoned carts. So, you can convert those abandoned carts into sales, not lost opportunities.
Drive repeated sales and retain customers

Recovering abandoned carts is just the first step, in building a loyal customer base, and retaining existing customers to drive repeated sales is crucial for an Ecommerce business to survive in a competitive market. Our team of Marketing Cloud Consultants can help you customize and set up Marketing Cloud, so you can trigger automated campaigns that re-engage customers with relevant offers, or, programs that incentivize repeat sales and build a community of brand advocates.

E-Commerce Automation Solutions By Cymetrix

Automate the buying journey at every touchpoint

At Cymetrix, we understand the struggle of keeping up with customers at every stage of the buying journey at every touchpoint. So, we can help you unlock the power of Salesforce Marketing Cloud and automate your shopping journey at every possible touchpoint. Say goodbye to the clunky process that leads to abandoned carts, and embrace a seamless experience that nurtures leads, and converts browsers into buyers.
Craft Personalize Customer Journeys, Not Just Campaigns

Are you tired of creating campaigns that don’t convert? Our team of certified professionals will work closely with you to unleash the full potential of the industry-leading platform, crafting tailored customer journeys that captivate and convert. From seamless data integration to intuitive campaign management, we'll help you create a personalized experience that strengthens brand loyalty and drives sustainable growth.
In-store-like experience on your digital storefront

Our team at Cymetrix understands very well the significance of delivering a shopping experience like that of an offline store. We can help you design and automate your digital storefront in a way that your shoppers feel like they are literally in a store. From real-time chatbots and customer support for assistance to automated product recommendations, we can help you customize and integrate everything you need to transform your digital storefront.
Integrate and Create a unified view across all clouds

Say goodbye to data silos and embrace a unified and 360-degree view of your Ecommerce customers across all Clouds. With our expertise in Salesforce Integration, we can help you integrate Marketing Cloud with your existing Commerce platform or CRM to integrate data on all platforms. As a result, not only do you understand your customers better, but also easily identify KPIs and potential opportunities.

Drive connected experiences with Salesforce and Mulesoft

Leverage the seamless synergy of Salesforce and MuleSoft with Cymetrix—your trusted partner in crafting customized Salesforce solutions. As Salesforce Partners and experts, we bring a unique blend of experience to drive connected experiences, utilizing the power of MuleSoft to build flexible architectures, unlock cross-system data, and create differentiated, connected solutions at an accelerated pace.

Salesforce Mulesoft Integration Services

Our Expertise Across Marketing Cloud Suite

Marketing Cloud Engagement

Drive meaningful engagement with your audience through an integrated approach spanning email, mobile, web, and advertising channels. Craft seamless journeys across the entire customer lifecycle, empowered by robust analytics to continually refine and enhance your campaigns.
Marketing Cloud Personalization

Get a comprehensive view of customers across multiple touchpoints. Then leverage customer data to automate and personalize customer journeys across multiple channels in real-time.
Marketing Cloud Intelligence

Revolutionize your marketing efforts with our Marketing Intelligence solutions powered by Datorama. Drive customer engagement, boost conversions, and execute targeted marketing campaigns with precision and efficiency.
Data Cloud for Marketing

Unify your customer Data with Data Cloud for Marketing. Transform your business with real-time insights, 360° view of customer data and deliver hyper-personalized experience at scale.
Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot)

Experience a comprehensive solution for all your marketing automation needs. Reimagine your business by streamlining your sales pipeline and driving overall sales growth through our innovative solutions powered by Pardot.


Salesforce Partners Marketing Automation


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Why Choose Cymetrix for E-Commerce Marketing Automation Services
Salesforce marketing automation services USA India

Marketing Automation Experience

10+ years of experience with successful installation across multiple segments.

marketing automation Salesforce certified consultants India USA


Team with 115+ Certified Salesforce professionals.

marketing automation agencies India

End-to-End Support

One stop shop for the entire spectrum of marketing automation, including implementation, strategy, content, campaigns and analytics.


Industry Expertise

We understand industry specific challenges and infuse strategic guidance & best practices in our solutions.


top Salesforce consulting partner company

Cymetrix is one of the leading Salesforce implementation partners in USA with experience and expertise to drive Salesforce-powered digital transformation for your enterprise. Our offshore Salesforce development team can help clients leverage the Salesforce platform effectively to innovate and create value from customer operations.

E-Commerce Models We Serve
Business to Business (B2B)

Redefine commerce and give B2C-like shopping experiences to your B2B customers with complete transparency around product prices, catalogs, quotes, and seamless visibility to sales & service reps.
Business to Consumer (B2C)

Maximize conversions and sales with our expertise in Marketing automation. Our team of certified platform developers leverages cutting-edge technology to create custom solutions and help you deliver exceptional customer experiences (CX).
Business to Business to Consumer (B2B2C)

Our innovative B2B2C eCommerce approach empowers Manufacturers and distributors by building new revenue streams. We'll help you build a seamless online experience for your B2B partners, allowing them to connect directly with end consumers. This B2B2C approach opens doors to a wider customer base and unlocks exciting growth opportunities for your business.
Digital Marketplaces

We're your one-stop shop for dominating the digital marketplace. Our comprehensive services encompass platform development and implementation, marketing automation, multi-platform integration, catalog and user management, robust analytics, and reporting. With Cymetrix, you’ll have everything you need to thrive online.

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Why choose Cymetrix as your partner for Salesforce Marketing Automation Services?

Cymetrix brings unparalleled expertise in Salesforce Marketing Automation, offering tailored solutions to amplify your marketing efforts. Our team is dedicated to maximizing your marketing ROI through personalized and custom marketing solutions.

Which businesses can benefit from Cymetrix’s Marketing Automation services?

Cymetrix's Marketing Automation services cater to a diverse range of businesses across industries, including e-commerce, healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and more. Whether you're a startup or an enterprise, our solutions are designed to streamline your marketing processes and drive tangible results.

In which location does Cymetrix offer Salesforce Marketing Automation Services?

We provide near-shore consultation services and offshore delivery powered by our network of offices in USA, UK, Europe, Japan and India.

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