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Our team of experienced Mulesoft consultants are willing to assist you develop a strategy and implement a goal based solution in mulesoft consulting services.

Opportunities to transform and disrupt are created through agility and scale by connecting the right data with the right people without losing visibility and control. The Cymetrix Digital Integration Center of Excellence is focused on enabling its customers with agility and innovation driven by connectivity and APIs.

How can I improve business agility? How I increase development speed and onboard new systems?

Cymetrix offers its strategic salesforce consulting services and software consultants enabling business and digital transformation for its clients. It leverages its in-house state of the art Digital Integration Strategic Framework to help customers meet their objectives

How can I tap the information trapped in legacy systems? How can I streamline geographically distributed information and systems?

With its expertise and experience, Certified Salesforce Consultants and salesforce implementation services - Cymetrix Software offers wide range of delivery services which can be tailormade to suit to our customer needs


  • Technology Assessments
  • Service Rationalization
  • Road mapping
  • Solution Architecture


  • API / Service development
  • DevOps (CI/CD)
  • Project/Program Management
  • Microservices
  • Vendor Management
  • Integration with
  • External Platforms
  • Legacy Systems
  • Multi-Channels



Client is a leader in the employee benefits marketplace, simplifying benefits and risk management for local, regional, and Fortune 1000 companies.


  • The Client leveraged Cymetrix to build a new benefits platform from ground-up across web and mobile. Their current application lacked the scalability and flexibility to meet growing business needs. As part of this, the client needed to integrate data from several internal and external sources.


  • Cymetrix helped the client in selecting and implementing the MuleSoft platform to address the data integration issues. The solution integrated internal systems and applications that accommodated batch processing of large datasets, aggregating and enriching data from all sources. It presented the data in a seamless and secure manner via APIs to the web and mobile presentation layers. The security gateway and identity management solution provided secure access, while the APIs were governed by the Mule API manager and implemented as a cloud, on-premise hybrid solution


  • Delivered a robust, reliable, and scalable enterprise SOA integration platform based on the Mulesoft API Integration Suite enabling faster and efficient data integration.
  • Enhanced end-customer experience with a refreshed omni-channel benefits platform.
We have had an excellent experience working with Cymetrix Software on Salesforce implementation. Cymetrix Software has been great partners from setting up through to customer service. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone thinking of a Salesforce implementation.... Show more
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